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Lots to do in the Poconoes

H2000hh! Indoor Waterpark

Claws and Paws (very shaded)



Memory Town Park



Knoebels (need a bathing suit)



Pony Ride (all stables have it, go on the hour so you don’t have to wait cost is about $5)



Dorney Park (under 4 free, have snoopy park)



Land of Make Believe (for kids 12 and under and have a fun water park)



Shawnee Place (need bathing suit)



Camel Beach



Holly Ross Pottery



Boulder Field



Bushkill Falls



Mountain biking and Rafting



Hike to Hawk Falls (short hike to water fall)










Casino Entertainment Center (arcade, Movie Theater, mini golf)



Moss Hollow Creek Family Park


Mall at Steam Town

The Mall at Steamtown


Steam Town

Steamtown National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)


Houdini Tour & Show

Houdini Tour & Show


Big Boulder  (skiing and tubing)                                                                    

Big Boulder Ski Area


Camel Back Ski Resort                                                                    

 Camelback Mountain Resort


Jack Frost Ski Resort (also check for summer festivals)                                

Jack Frost Mountain


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